-To establish/assist in the establishment and affiliate Hindi Schools throughout the Island.

-To publish Text Books for Primary Schools and Secondary courses.

-To prepare Syllabi and Question Papers for local examinations.

-To conduct Workshops/Seminars for Teachers.

-To motivate students for their intellectual and moral advancement.

-To organize Hindi Examinations at Primary Level and award certificates.

-To conduct Higher Examinations in Hindi from abroad.

-To publish Hindi Books and Magazines.

-To organize Literary Competitions and award prizes.

-To award Certificates of Honour to persons and Hindi promoting Institutions.

-To organize National and International Conferences for the promotion of Hindi.

-To organize Kavi Sammelan, Forum and other Literary activities.


Present Management Committee 2019-2021

Shri Dhunraz Sembhoo - President

Shri  Yantoodev Budhu- Vice President

Shrimati Rohinee Ramroop - Secretary

Shri . Ganshiam Ramjuttun - Asst. Secretary

Shri Tahul Ramdin - Treasurer

Shri Ramkissoon Mudhoo - Vice Treasurer

Shri Tarkesswar Nath Greedharrye - Member

Shri  Jaychand Lallbeeharry- Member

Shrimati  Kaminee Rughoobur - Member

Shrimati Jaymoontee Gangaram- Member

Mrs. Tomawtee Seeratun - Member

Shri  Parmanand  Gungah – Member

First Management Committee

The first Management Committee of the Hindi Pracharini Sabha was constituted as follows:-

Pt. Boloram Muktaram Chaterjee (President)

Shri Ramlall Mungur (Secretary)

Shri Rughununun Ramruttun

Shri Soorooj Prasad Mungur

Shri Mohabeer Fagoo

Shri Ramjooa Jeebossea

Shri Anirood Dwarka

Shri Shivprasad Jeewoolall

Shri Garibnawaz Seetohul

Shri Gireeraj Bhukory

Shri Jankee Prasad Lallmun

Shri Brijlall Dhunputh

Shri Ganesh Ramphul

Shri Nunkeswar Manbahal

Shri Ramsoondur Chummun

 Shri Shiv Shankar Singh Ghoorun M.B.E

The Hindi Pracharini Sabha is an educational, cultural and social friendly association. It is situated at Long Mountain. Its primary objective is the promotion of Hindi and Hindi Literature. Its motto is ‘Bhasha Gayi to Sanskriti Gayi’. (If language is lost, culture too is lost).


The Hindi Pracharini Sabha was first established on 12th June 1926. It was then called ‘Teeluck Vidyalay’. This name was based on the famous educationist in India, Bal Gangadhar Teeluck. The main persons behind the establishment of ‘Teeluck Vidyalay’ were Muktaram Boloram Chaterjee and the Mungur brothers later known as ‘Bhagat’. The ‘Teeluck Vidyalay’ was later transformed in a national institution and renamed Hindi Pracharini Sabha. After ‘Teeluck Vidyalay’ the ‘Saraswati Pathshala’ was set-up by the Hindi Pracharini Sabha at Creve Coeur. This School conducted full-time classes in Hindi for girls. The first teacher appointed by the Hindi Pracharini Sabha was Shri Surya Prasad Mungur Bhagat. He was afterwards replaced by Shri Nemnarain Gupt.


The Hindi Pracharini Sabha was proclaimed an Official friendly association on 26 December 1935 by the then Governor Sir Wilfrid Edward Francis Jackson. It was till October 2004 governed by a ‘charter’. The Sabha is now governed by an Act of Parliament dated 12 October 2004.

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