The Sabha has a tradition of publishing its own written books as well as those written by independent writers. The titles are as follows:-

- Sudha Kalash (poetry) J. Dossieah

- Vichar Vishika (poetry) S.M. Bhagat

- Prabhat (Poetry) H. Seetah

- Muli laut Aayi (Short Story) L. P. Mungroo

- Bus Chali Gayi (Collection of Stories)Y. Budhu

- Hindi Grammer Pt. R. Kowlessur

- A Brief History of Mauritius M. Varma

- History of Hindi in Mauritius J. N Roy

- Kavya Parichay (Collection of Poems) Edited by A.Matabadal

- Su-Smita (Collection of Short Stories) Edited by A. Matabadal

- Ras Dhara (Collection of Poems by S.M Bhagat) Edited by A. Matabadal

 - Sugam Hindi - Text Books by T. Ramdin

- Pankaj - Magazine - Editor : A. Matabadal

- Pankaj Magazine 2014

The Sabha has 175 evening schools / Week End Schools conducting courses in Hindi.



The Sabha conducts and awards Certificates for Primary courses (stds I – VI) and Praveshika Examination.

The Sabha also conducts higher Examinations from the Hindi Sahitya Sammelan (Hindi University) of Allahabad, India.