Annual Celebration

The Sabha organizes the following activities annually:-

  1. Foundation Day (12 June)

(a Forum on a chosen topic by students of Hindi Bhawan).

  1. Hindi Day (August)

(to commemorate the birth of Goswami Tulsidas)

  1. Convocation Day (December)

The ‘Hindi Pracharini Sabha Award’

The ‘Hindi Pracharini Sabha Award’ in the form of a Return-Air-Ticket is offered to one student having been selected to study Hindi in an Indian University under the C.E.P established between the Governments of India and Mauritius. Five students have already benefited from this Award.

Historical Activities

The Sabha has organized several activities to promote Hindi Language, Literature and to celebrate special occasions. Some of them are:-

1941 - First Hindi Sahitya Sammelan Examinations. (Under the guidance of Prof. B. Bissoondoyal)

  1. - Birha Song Competition

  2. - Silver Jubilee of the Sabha

  1. - Hindi Saptah

  2. - Hindi Diwas

  1. - Setting up of 70 small Libraries throughout the

Island in collaboration with Sasta Sahitya Mandal of New Delhi.

  1. - Pramchand Saptah

  1. - Golden Jubilee

  1. - Diamond Jubilee

 (International Conference).